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Direct Deposit
Send your payroll, Social Security or Retirement Income by Direct Deposit to your savings or checking account at FIRST PACE Credit Union. All you need is our routing number 296075564 and your credit union account (member) number. For individuals who receive Social Security or Supplemental Security Income payments, all federal benefits payments must be made electronically. Contact us today or enroll online at www.GoDirect.gov.

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Non-public information
Non public information we receive from you is not disclosed to anyone except as permitted by law. We will never ask via phone or e-mail for your personal sensitive information such as Social Security Number, birth date, account number, Personal Identification Number (PIN), address or phone number. This helps in the fight against identity theft. You should not provide any sensitive information to anyone over the phone or internet unless you initiated the contact. Report suspicious e-mails or calls to the Federal Trade Commission through the internet at ftc.gov, or by calling 1-877-IDTHEFT. If you fall victim to an attack, act immediately to protect yourself. Alert your financial institution and place fraud alerts on your credit files. Monitor your credit files and account statements closely.

What Members Can Do to Help
Your Credit Union is committed to protecting the privacy of its members. You, our member, can help by following these simple guidelines:

Protect your account numbers, card numbers, PINs (personal identification numbers) and passwords. Never keep your PIN with your debit or credit card which can provide free access to your accounts if your card is lost or stolen.

Use caution when disclosing your account numbers, social security numbers, etc. to other persons. If someone calls you, explains the call is on behalf of the credit union and asks for your account number, you should beware. Official credit union staff will have access to your information and will not need to ask for it.

Keep Your Information With Us Current. It is important that we have current information on how to reach you. If we detect potentially fraudulent or unauthorized activity or use on an account, we will attempt to contact you immediately. If your address, email address or phone number changes, please let us know.

Information sent by email is at risk of loss of confidentiality if the information is transmitted over the Internet. We do not recommend sending confidential information such as social security or account numbers by email. You can contact us directly at 651-451-8495.